planning and development

The planning and development field is a specialist area, which impacts not only on the physical aspects of the built environment, but the social and environmental aspects as well.

The profession is continually evolving with a wide range of environmental, economic, political and social relevance to its day-to-day activities.Chartered planning and development surveyors are playing a vital role in promoting the use of effective land management and administration as one of the primary drivers behind sustainable development.

Planning and development chartered surveyors are spread across the globe, adjusting their work to the specific planning and development processes that each country operates.

The client base ranges from local and national governments, planning authorities and other public agencies, to private sectors such as major property companies, house builders, valuations and the general public.

It is their flexibility combined with practicality that will allow planning and development chartered surveyors to integrate fully with the rest of the profession, and vice versa, allowing a more holistic approach to achieving the world's future sustainable development needs. 

Important note

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